Review of 2020

I don’t even know where to begin with this year. So from March until now I’ve primarily been working from home due to Covid19. During this time I was heavily involved with getting remote VPNs setup. I also assisted with the Wireless side of an SD Access deployment. I sat and failed the ENCOR exam at the end of August. I did intend resitting it soon after as I failed with a close score of 804.

A funny situation happened during the exam which led me to rush through the last 10-15 questions. Whether that might have swayed the results is hard to say, but it was funny nonetheless. I decided to sit the exam in our offices. As well as checking that no staff are due in, also remember the cleaners! Which I didn’t. Just prior to the exam I was advised that any interruptions would void it. I had about 15 questions remaining and I could hear the cleaners on their way in, which led to me putting on the afterburners. I wasn’t fast enough and they did enter the room before I could finish. I politely asked them to come back later, expecting the exam to be voided. Nothing happened, so I assume the proctor was either not there or was busy doing something else. I will be sitting the next one from home!

Like I mentioned, I did intend resitting it soon after. Unfortunately I was pulled into a programming project that ate away 3 solid weeks of my time. I really enjoyed it. It was a CLI script written in Python that called the O365 API. It would then use the address ranges that it pulled from it to whitelist them on a collection of ASA Firewalls. After that was completed I ended up going down a Multicast rabbit hole, since then I’ve been dipping in and out of a variety of other technologies. I also moved into a new apartment, which really derailed the study habits I had developed.

Looking back at my goals for 2019 and comparing them to now, they haven’t changed that much. I still want to get ENCOR out of the way. I’ve decided to then sit ENSLD instead of ENARSI, as I feel design is a weak area of mine. I’ve also get the impression that ENARSI is one of the toughest from the specialisations. Eventually I will then work towards DEVASC and the new CWNA is also on the horizon.

I also have a new job. I’ve now moved from an MSP over to the healthcare sector. I’m looking forward to this new challenge and getting back into some good study habits.

Here’s to 2021.